Simplified To-Do Lists

Standard to-do lists are long and overwhelming because they include even details that don't apply or are not important to you. We customize these to-do lists so you know what exactly needs to be done and don't waste your time on anything else.

Personalized Budget

Budgets should never be one-size-fits-all. We have no standard recommendations and base your budget breakdown on what is important to you. Everyone has different values and your budget should be weighted accordingly. 

Selected Vendor List

There are thousands of wedding vendors but only a few in each category who would actually be a great fit for you based on your style and budget. We provide targeted recommendations to speed up this often lengthy part of planning. 

Venue Floor Plan

A detailed floor plan allows you to visualize what your venue will look like set up. This floor plan includes customizable seating charts and an order list for any additional items that need to be rented. 


Contract Advise

Every vendor will have a contract for you to sign. We offer guidance on what to look for, what to ask for and what is standard practice in the industry. This will save you much back and forth with the vendors you choose to hire.

Detailed Timeline

Understanding exactly how the wedding day will go allows everyone to relax including the wedding party and the vendors. We make sure there is plenty of time for the special moments from pictures to toasts to dancing.